How do I add sites to my Multi-Site Hosting Plan?

We've made it very easy to add additional domains and websites onto your account.

  • First: Change the NameServers for each domain to the same ones used by your main account domain name.
  • Second: Login to your control panel ( as described here ) and in the search bar type "addon domains".
  • Third: Click the icon labeled Addon Domains.
  • Fourth: Enter your domain name where it says "New Domain Name", let the Subdomain and Document Root fields auto-populate, then press the "Add Domain" button.
  • Fifth: Open File Manager from your control panel and you will find a new folder in your Home directory with your domain name, this is where the website files for your addon domain will go.
  • Sixth: [optional] You can now create email addresses through your control panel for your main domain and all addon domains you create, you can also use the Lets Encrypt function from your control panel and add SSL certificates for each addon domain that you have.
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