How BanProNET Helps Clients Make More Money

The Busy Web Developer

Wanting to share a great story we recently spoke with Sean, a web developer and WordPress specialist who creates themes and sites for local businesses in his hometown–and a long-time client of BanProNET.

In addition to creating or upgrading websites for local businesses, Sean also offers to “host and manage” those sites for them too–for a small monthly fee of course.

At the time of this posting, Sean has 7 Multi-Site accounts with BanproNET and is hosting 63 of his clients on them.

In his own words:
“I’m charging customers $35 monthly to host and manage their websites. They’re all built on WordPress, so I give them the WordPress login credentials, set up their email accounts, and they’re happy to not ever have to even see cPanel or any of the backend directories. They’ve got enough on their hands with running their businesses, they don’t want to have to deal with all the tech behind the scenes. As long as they can log in to WordPress to add or update posts, check their email, and feel confident their site is online around the clock, they’re very happy.”

Let’s do a little math here.

Sean has 7 Multi-Site accounts with BanProNET, allowing him to host up to 70 websites, for which he pays $5.99 monthly per account.

That puts Sean’s hosting fees at $41.93 per month.

He’s charging his 63 clients each $35 monthly to “host and manage” their sites, earning himself $2,205 in recurring monthly income. That’s above and beyond what he earns from creating or updating sites when he initially lands the customer.

“I use a WordPress multisite setup which lets me maintain and update the core, themes, plugins, for 10 sites at a time from one login. In all, I probably spend between 5 and 8 hours a month, roughly one workday, on all of that. It’s a really nice addition to my income.”

We asked how long it took to build up to the 63 customers whose sites he is hosting and managing monthly:

“I started hosting my own site with you guys back in 2014, that’s when I launched my business. I never planned or even thought about adding hosting to my offers until a couple of years later when I landed a redesign job and the customer asked me to recommend a better hosting service. They were hosting with their domain registrar at the time and their site was really slow and constantly going offline. I checked out BanProNET’s site thinking I’d just help them signup with you, but while looking at the Multi-Site plan you offer, and knowing about the WordPress multisite options, it just clicked for me that I could turn this into an easy supplementary income stream for myself. In all, it’s taken about 4 years to build that up to the 63 customers I have today, not everyone I do design work for wants to change hosting and that’s fine. I offer it as an add-on and some find it valuable and others don’t. I’d say maybe 1 in 10 customers I work for ends up taking the offer.”

Sean is just one of many designers and developers who rely on BanProNET for their business and uses the stability we provide to increase their offerings to customers and their bottom lines.

We offered to link to and promote Sean’s service in this writeup but he declined, saying that he doesn’t have time to expand from his local market and felt he might receive a lot of “unqualified contacts” that would take time from him.

BanProNET certainly applauds Sean’s efforts, ingenuity, and success!

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